We believe in the power of software to transform relationships

At Synap, customer relationships are the center of our product and our business. We create delightful experiences for account managers, customer success reps, and other B2B relationships managers, and empower them to grow their relationships and accomplish their goals every day.

Formed in 2015, we are focused on building our product, expanding our customer base, and growing a fantastic team and working culture.


  • Jeremie Bacon

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Jeremie is an experienced entrepreneur and technology executive. As co-founder of Backstop Solutions Group, he pioneered SaaS platforms in the financial services and CRM space.

    He eats piles of donuts to power his ultra-marathon races.

  • Matt Mitchell

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Matt is a polyglot programmer, software architect, and self-described “team mascot.” He previously led engineering teams at ecommerce startup CheckedTwice and Backstop.

    You can often find Matt listening to dance music, cooking (and eating) challenging food, and generally being hard to impress.

  • Michael Boeke

    Head of Product & Co-Founder

    Michael is a product development platypus: equal parts designer, developer, and product manager. He was part of the early teams at several Chicago startups, including Braintree and Backstop.

    He's prone to obsessing about running, cars, music, and building Lego with his kids.

  • Lindsey Perez

    VP of Customer Success

    Lindsey has been practicing customer success since before it was called that. She helped countless asset managers find value from the technology created at Backstop.

    When she’s not talking with people about software, you can find her being a goofball with her husband, daughters, and cat.

  • Jeremy Gryzmkowski

    Lead Engineer

    Jeremy is an experienced full-stack developer who loves his job. Prior to working with the Synap team, he developed software for Backstop Solutions Group and Trunk Club.

    When he isn’t writing code, Jeremy is nerding out to board games or sampling Chicago's local restaurants and bars.

  • Kevin McHugh

    Software Developer

    Kevin has written software for the finance, advertising, and security industries.

    He brews beer and enjoys sandwiches of all types.