Full-stack Developer

We're looking for developers to help us build our product and company. Synap is a relationship management platform for post-sales collaboration and teamwork. Our product brings data from many systems together to provide a definitive story and insights about the customer journey, which means that we have some fun challenges involving bringing a tremendous amount of data together and presenting it in a useful and engaging way.

We believe in operating with:

We are true to who we are as individuals, and straightforward about how we market our products.
We are transparent with each other and our customers and are open to new ideas and ways to solve problems.
We are practical problem solvers who strive to find the balance between competing priorities.
We acknowledge that part of our success is outside of our control, and work hard to make the most of our good fortune - our gratitude knows no bounds.
Technologies we use
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React and Flux
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Heroku
  • Lots and lots of APIs

You should have professional experience developing software as part of a team. New graduates from college or bootcamp won't have the experience needed for this role.

Working at Synap

You'll participate in weekly iterations with a product team consisting of a product manager and designer and a few other developers. You'll be shipping code every single day (ideally, of course). You will promote code to production on your first day. While you'll work a lot on your own, sometimes you'll pair when it's a good idea to do so. In addition to writing code, you'll spend nearly as much time reading it: there will be pull requests from other developers for you to review to make sure we're following good practices and catching issues as early as possible. Since you have a life and family outside of the office, you'll show up to work at a flexible time and leave when you decide you need to leave. It's also important to take time off to recharge, so you'll have a liberal vacation policy and a mandated consecutive week off at least once a year. You'll also have the opportunity to influence all of the above via regular retrospectives at the team and company level.

We love it when people of all different backgrounds apply. Think you'd be wonderful for this position?

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