Relationship intelligence software pioneer Synap launches collaborative CRM

September 12, 2016

Synap gives a holistic overview of customer relationships by aggregating information from email activity and apps used by many different teams.

CHICAGO, Sept. 12, 2016 - Built for customer success and account management professionals, relationship management platform Synap adds a level of intelligence never before seen in typical CRM platforms, pulling data from Gmail, Zendesk and others to provide a bird's eye view of all customer interactions. The company is excited to announce that they've recently completed a closed beta and are now launching publicly.

Synap's unique approach gives customer-facing teams and other employees direct access to emails, support tickets, sales opportunities and other activities without the need to hunt for specific information that's usually trapped in separate apps. The result is the world's first collaborative—not sales-driven—CRM.

Synap helps account managers and customer success teams reduce friction by automating tasks that normally require manual input. Synap connects many of the apps companies use to track customer relationships—from marketing and sales to service and support - to provide a single view of all customer interactions that gives every team the ability to nurture those relationships.

The platform offers integration with the most popular tools—Gmail, Office 365, Zendesk, Helpscout, Desk, Freshdesk, and Salesforce—automatically pulling information from those apps and providing a holistic overview of all customer interactions in one place.

In essence, that makes Synap the central nervous system for customer relationships.

Synap is available when and where it's needed: on desktop, mobile and even directly within employees' inboxes, and because it operates in real-time, information is always fresh and up-to-date.

Synap automatically adds contacts and organizes them by company. There's no need to manually import information or tag things by hand.

Synap recognizes that it's tough for customer-facing teams to get engineering resources. Synap integrations don't require any coding. Users just sign in to their email, sales automation, and help desk accounts, and Synap takes care of the rest.

More importantly, dev teams don't waste precious in-house resources integrating with existing systems.

By cutting through the noise and manual work usually associated with CRMs, Synap creates perfect clarity and transparency to reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction and drive upsells. Users can even turn on notifications for a particular customer to be notified for every interaction with that customer across the company.

Synap was co-founded by three B2B technology veterans who spent almost a decade working together at a CRM firm in the financial services industry. They all went on to help build and run other software companies which gave them first-hand perspective on the scope of the problems with then-current CRM software. After a few years nurturing other projects, the trio decided to team up to build the next generation of relationship management software to provide a better way for companies to manage their customers.

In March 2015, the newly created Synap Software Labs raised $2 million in seed funding to create the platform. Now, the team has officially announced its formal launch. Synap offers a three-tiered pricing structure for small teams, professional users and enterprise users. A free, 14-day trial is available without the need to enter credit card information at the company's official site,

About Synap Software Labs

Synap Software Labs is a B2B software company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois working to change the way teams manage and nurture their customer relationships. Synap helps companies to retain and grow their relationships by making it easier to share information and collaborate. For more information about Synap, please visit


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