Connect your email, CRM and help desk

Share the key information from every application with every team at your company

Email providers

Synap imports the messages from contacts you choose to share with your team and automatically creates contact and company records.

Automatic updates

Synap automatically keeps up-to-date with your inbox. You don’t need to BCC any special address or remember to push an extra button every time you receive or send an email.

Control what you share

You decide which relationships to share. You can always change your mind and disable sharing for an entire relationship or for a single message.

Complete history

Synap imports the complete conversation history for your contacts, so you have a complete picture right from the beginning.

See our docs for more information on email integration

Email integrations

  • Gmail

    Email from Google

  • Office 365

    Microsoft hosted email

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Help desk software

Synap imports tickets along with associated attachments, activity, and customer information from connected help desk applications.

Access for everyone

When everyone can see help desk tickets, everyone can better support customers without pestering the support team. Sales reps can immediately see if a customer has had recent trouble before contacting them to be a reference. Executives can get a quick overview of a situation that has been escalated to them.

The complete picture

As much as we want our customers to communicate through a support platform, they often email someone directly. Synap organizes the one-off email conversations and displays them in the customer history along with the customer’s help desk tickets and sales activity.

See our docs for more information on help desk integration

Help desk integrations


    All-in-one customer support application

  • Freshdesk

    Online customer support software and helpdesk solution

  • Help Scout

    A simple, scalable help desk solution for small businesses

  • Zendesk

    Beautifully simple customer service platform

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CRM software

Synap imports sales opportunities, contacts, and accounts from connected CRM applications.

Universal contact list

All of your contact information automatically reconciled between different systems and updated in one place. And with Synap you don’t need to purchase expensive CRM licenses for everyone.

Opportunities for all

In a modern organization, everyone ends up selling, which means everyone needs to be up-to-date on current opportunities. Synap lets other teams see what’s going on with an opportunity so they can plan accordingly and rally to help sales reps close deals.

See our docs for more information on CRM integration

CRM integrations

  • Salesforce

    Salesforce automation and CRM

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No coding required

Synap integrations don’t require any coding. Just sign in to your email, CRM, and help desk accounts, and Synap takes care of the rest.


Get a complete picture of your customer communications