Psychic powers for Gmail

See customer activity when you need it most

Synap for Gmail displays your customer activity and contact information in Gmail

All of your customer activity in your inbox

See what the rest of your team said to the customer before you send that next message.


Messages from everyone on your team to everyone on the customer’s team

Support tickets

Support and service requests sent to your team’s help desk or customer portal

Sales opportunites

New and follow-on sales opportunites tracked in sales automation software

Meeting notes

Notes captured after calls and face-to-face meetings

Contact information in Gmail

Share contacts with your entire team right from Gmail. Get sender and company information for new contacts, automatically.

Share contacts and activity

Share your contacts and email communications with your teammates with just a click.

Sender information

Automatically finds bio, title, and social media profiles

Company information

Automatically finds description, website, phone number and social media profiles

Rachel Wandell
Executive Director
Synap for Gmail is epic. It’s so convenient to just click and share, and it allows you to search for all emails from a contact directly from Gmail. Amazing!

Get customer intelligence everywhere you work