Relationship management tools for the entire customer journey

Get strategic about account planning

Account planning is critical to customer success and account growth

Grow revenue

Create account plans to dicover and close new revenue opportunities

Retain Customers

Strengthen customer relationships and identify & address risks early

Collaborate Better

Leverage your entire organization to service and grow accounts

Demonstrate your efforts and successes

Collaborate with your team and beyond

Sell as a team

Enlist colleagues from across teams to help you close more opportunities

Expand coverage

When you share the information that’s usually trapped in email and other platforms, teammates can easily cover for each other

Escalate painlessly

Managers and execs can get up-to-speed quickly to help resolve customer issues and drive key opportunities forward

Organize everything in one place

Synap connects the email, help desk, and sales automation tools your teams already use, gathering critical customer data in one place.

Everyone’s customer activities together

Everyone’s emails, support tickets, and notes are automatically organized by company or account. They become a lasting and searchable part of the customer story.

Complete Customer directory

Synap gathers the contact information from across your team, and across your tools, to automatically create a universal contact list for every customer you need to talk to.

Never miss a thing

Star the relationships that are most important to you, and get notified when something important happens with your customer. You’ll know when teammates trade emails with the customer, or open a support ticket, saving a lot of email CCs and forwarding.

Work from anywhere

Synap works across desktop and mobile devices. It’s the full version of the app available on all popular devices, optimized for large and small screens, keyboards or touch. With Synap for Gmail, it even works from your inbox.

Get set-up in minutes

Your time is best spent fostering customer relationships. Just log in with your email, and you can set up your Synap team in minutes. Synap automatically adds your contacts, organizing them by company. It even finds addresses, photos, bios, and more for many people and companies.

I really like the visibility Synap gives me into everything we do and how it automatically creates a client narrative anyone can absorb quickly.
Justin Chiles
Chief Operations & Delivery Officer

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